Lindsay Lohan Booted From Latest Movie, Says She’s Done Partying

April 25th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Well, this is only going to prove Michael Lohan right.

The deadbeat dad who marched over to Lindsay Lohan‘s with a police officer recently only enraged Linday and spurred long trail of tweet rants. Now the clubaholic, who hasn’t been on screen since 2007′s I Know Who Killed Me, has reportedly been canned from her latest project.

“Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we’ll soon be announcing a replacement,” said David Michaels the writer/director of The Other Side to told Lindsay would have played a grad student in the mystery movie, but sources said the film’s financial backers were nervous about Lindsay and on top of that didn’t think she was “bankable.” A different source told Us that the financial backers were really concerned about the unknown director and all major stars dropped out. However, Woody Harrelson still seems to be attached and last time I checked he was a bigger star than Linds.

So will this change Lindsay’s hard-partying ways? She was spotted at Chateau Marmont
last night around 2am, but she tweeted a realization.

“Last night-never again-believe it or not she’s done with the club scene i’ve learned my lesson-sometime’s it just takes a glimpse of reality,” she wrote on Twitter.

When a follower asked about her acting career by one of her follower she said, “I need to work, I miss it.”

By Madison Ventura

  1. MissMakin

    Actions speak louder than words, oh here’s another one, you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

    Show us this new Lindsay, show us you can get a job, prove your father wrong, shut your mother up, get Ali back into school grow the f up!

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