Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Deposition To Shop And Party

April 15th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

According to TMZ Lindsay Lohan was supposed to meet with lawyers for a deposition yesterday about an “alleged alcohol-fueld car chase in 2007″ but she was “too busy to attend the all-day deposition.” She had a standing appointment with her credit card and a bottle o’ gin.

Lindsay spent yesterday at Switch Boutique in Beverly Hills, trying on short shorts, strappy wedges, jeweled trinkets, floral skirts, and over-sized tops while her little sister Ali Lohan and a friend watched the fashion show and one of her worst habits continue to spiral out of control. Seriously, how does this girl still have a credit card?

Her other favorite vice and only source of cardio, partying, led to a stumbling trip out of Bar 210 to a friend’s car with some big time help. Can’t that guy just pick her up and physically plop her into the closest rehab? Her and that box of parliaments reminds me of Linus with his blanket.

By Madison Ventura

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