Lindsay Lohan Blows Al Gore

Blows him off. That’s what I meant to say. If you think I was being sensational for the sole purpose of getting your attention, then you’re absolutely correct. It’s Friday and I’m a little out of it. So there. From the National Enquirer:

The actress met Gore at the GQ Men of the Year awards dinner in Beverly Hills in December and told pals he “would be very happy to have a conversation with me…” She e-mailed friends that the environmental crusader would help her clean up her image. But when Lindsay had a chance to reach out to her would-be mentor, she stood him up to party with pals! She skipped the Dec. 14 “Seeds of Tolerance” event in Hollywood, at which Gore – star of “An Inconvenient Truth” – honored other socially and politically conscious documentary filmmakers.

How delicious! A feud between Al and Lindsay. He should totally sleep with Harry Morton just to piss her off.