Lindsay Lohan Bailed

January 18th, 2006 // 31 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was a scheduled presenter for last night’s Golden Globe Awards and was a no show. Does anyone have any details on who and what kept Ms. Lohan from the Globes?

More photos of Lindsay Lohan feeling shy after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. the Vanity fair affair

  2. ihatecelebs

    Give the girl a break, wouldja? It’s not easy to get up onstage after a coked-up four-way with Kate Moss, Jared Leto and Sean Lennon. Why,it’s almost enough to give a girl a severe asthma attack…

  3. ur_fan

    coz her doctors said she was not allowed to fly
    after the ashma attack
    so she cant go there to present

  4. jagexpress

    She was with Leto. Some other sites are posting pics of them nailed trying to sneak out the back door of Ivy … Now we know …

  5. PKZ

    Looks like she’s hiding cold sores

  6. prtyprincess

    Has anyone ask themselves the reason why celebs do what they do?
    May be it’s because of all the stress people like us cause. Think about it, what would you do if ever time you turned around you were doing drugs or your best friend or your co star, youare never pretty enough and never thin enough or you are too thin ,there isn’t a break.

    Or you could also understand that every one knows some one who is in the same trouble as the stars it just is not publicized. We watch every little move they make.

    The celebs are nothing special they just have a public service job. They don’t have special powers and they aren’t the coming of God.

    People need to learn to quit taking out their frustrations on celebs. Sheesh.

  7. Tellitlikeitis

    ptyprincess – shut up!

  8. doofus

    to prtyprincess…

    yes, the celebs don’t have special powers and are not gods.

    however, they CHOSE A LIFE IN THE PUBLIC EYE. that’s what being famous is all about. they WANTED the fame, and along with that fame comes the fact that people will talk about you. so, when they have problems, the PROBLEMS become famous too. if they don’t want to be photographed doing lines, perhaps they SHOULDN’T BE DOING LINES IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    plus, SO MANY of these celebs think that they’re above reproach or, better yet, THEY think they have special powers and are gods (Tom Cruise?!) and NEED to be reminded that they’re human, just like everyone else.

    to add, THAT’S WHAT SITES LIKE THIS ARE FOR. if you don’t like reading this stuff, my suggestion to you is not to come to this site and read it, because it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

  9. anon

    prtyprincess you are a jackass. you have no concept of the real world and the fact that celebrities choose a public life. acting however is not a public service you retard. working for the government, that’s a public service job, it is a necessity to our society. what kind of a name is prtyprincess anyway. what are you like 12? maybe that’s why you don’t make sense. why don’t you go a post on the teletubbies blog from now on. that’s more on your intelligence level.

  10. whatever

    Prtyprincess is a douchebag. You have no common sense. Well said anon.

  11. Kelsey

    I love reading the catty comments. They make me laugh.

  12. hailie

    instead if arguing, lets look at the bigger picture here. Lindsey is wearing UGG BOOTS!

  13. The Mav

    Prtyprincess, If actors hate the public eye so much, then maybe they should seek emploment elsewhere.

    Wal-Mart is always looking for good cheap labor.

  14. ihatecelebs

    Prtyprincess, puh-lease! I don’t take my own frustrations out on innocent celebs. I take them out on the celebs who believe their shit doesn’t stink! Want some proof? Go to and check out the slew of celebs who run up $500 tabs, order the lowly help around and don’t bother tipping them when they’re done with their ego trip! These are the same ones I laugh at when they go and fuck up their lives and careers and then expect people to be on their side. Real “stars” are people who actually have talent, behave themselves in public and lead responsible lives. “Celebrities” are the ones whose claims to fame are lame sitcoms, reality shows, eating disorders, homemade sex tapes that “accidentally” get stolen, falling down drunk in public, and faking “severe asthma attacks” whenever they need some public sympathy for something stupid they might have said or done. See the difference?
    Good. Now go fuck off and worship Mariah Carey.

  15. doofus

    ihatecelebs….I think I love you! very well said.

    the “stars” vs. “celebrities” comparison was DEAD ON.

  16. Courtney


  17. prtyprincess

    I’m not judging anyone I’m just saying they are real people with problems too.

    And the whole point behind this blog is other peoples opinions. And people like you are the reason people overdose, drink, and starve themselves to death.

    I agree with the fact that all celebs should not be put in a sack together, but no one really knows the stories behind anybody’s actions.
    For example, John Candy, From what I remember he was a down-to-earth guy and was pretty fun to party with, But , That’s my opinion.

    And the funny thing with opinions is they are like assholes,EVERYONE’S got one.

  18. let it go

    Notice how L Lohan is really covering her mouth , unusual for her, she must be protecting something– bad Botox job, ugly fever (herpes) blister, fat lip maybe?

  19. booboobedoop

    Ican say i agree with prtyprincess, just because we see what they do doesn’t mean we have to criticize

  20. doofus

    prtyprincess, I was holding back, but I cannot any longer.

    “people like” us “are the reason people overdose, drink, and starve themselves to death”? are you on crack or just a little stupid today? who knew us snarky “little people” had such influence on people like Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan?

    drinking, doing drugs and starving yourself are CHOICES PEOPLE MAKE. If they’re feeling so much “stress” (yeah, I’d like a job where you work for a few months a year, and then party in Cannes, Aspen, Antigua, etc…for the rest of the year…that’s SO stressful!), there’s a thing called “professional help”, and it can include drug/alchohl treatment along with the mental health counseling. They make a choice to get drunk and fall down, to do drugs on camera, to flash people, etc…WE snarks do NOT make those choices for them…we just laugh at them when they do.

    oh, and you ARE judging…”people need to learn to quit taking out their frustrations on celebs”.

    frustrations? I think laughing at Tara Reid’s franken-nipple had ZERO to do with any frustration I may be feeling. it had SOLELY to do with Tara’s exposure, her UGLY scarred nipple, and the fact that she had NO idea she was flying in the wind.

  21. prtyprincess

    And by the way anon they serve the public so, therefore, they have a public service job. Without anyone to watch the movies, tv shows and such, they wouldn’t have a job.
    So who’s the retard?

  22. prtyprincess

    Doofus, add 1 of everyone who has something bad to say about them, and you get millions, ifnot billions

  23. Fugly Girl

    She’s hiding the white powder under her nose.

    prtyprincess……don’t you need to go harf your lunch you celeb wanabe? Poor, poor witto celebrities with their millions and their mansions. I wish I had their “problems”.

  24. spreaded_'em

    You people are so simple minded



  25. spreaded_'em

    I love you for being so truthful
    Keep it up
    and keep me in my place


  26. Xicana

    prtyprincess–you are dead wrong on your definition of public service jobs. as a public service scholars at my law school, i can tell you that, unequivocally, acting is NOT a public service job. public service jobs ARE jobs like government jobs, or pro bono jobs, or working with public assistance offices, or for non-profit organizations, etc. i have years of experience working in the public service sector myself and can tell you that there is no one in the free world that would define public service the way you just did. acting is not, and will never be, a public service job.

    i don’t mind opinions. but when you make a factual assertion so strongly as you did, and are wrong, in the face of proof that you are wrong, well that just gets under my skin. i guess i just don’t suffer fools gladly.

  27. jenner

    aaahhhh prtyprincess- it’s so much fun seeing your name in all these comment sections, and in EVERY SINGLE ONE saying something stupid and getting shit on all over the place for it (see Victoria Beckham)
    I feel I need to take you under my wing or something – you have NO CLUE and when you try to explain or retaliate you come across even more stupid than before
    Let’s talk, hon, and let’s start with your friends who gave you the prtyprincess name
    I care, I really do.

  28. jenner

    shee-it, I was so concerned for prtyprincess I forgot to comment on Lindsay – not as heinous as Paris, Ashlee, and the rest of the Slut Brigade, but pretty damn close
    I’m not too sure why she’s famous, I’ve heard she’s been in a few movies, not the worst actress I’ve ever seen, but as far as I can tell, she’s famous for puking up her lunch and partying at clubs (at the age of 19, go figure)
    I see a long life of “where are they now?” and TV movies-of-the-weeks for Lil’ Linz….


    The reaswon why Lindsay didn’t show up was because she has been doing coke since last week. On Thursday night I personally know that she was doing coke at the mercer hotel and then she left around 5:30 am to go do coke with Mariah Carey (who had been doing it for 3 days straight at that point). Shes fucked up and has drug problems. Also she met Yoko Ono bc she is dating his son, John.
    What do you think about the lying bitch now?
    Such a disgrace

  30. doum

    a person how use drugs are not automaticly a bad person you know…so shut all the fuck up! Take care Lindsay, u r just perfect like YOU are.Dont care what people say.

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