Lindsay Lohan And Her Dad Are Still Estranged And Her Uncle Is Way Shady

March 28th, 2007 // 5 Comments

In between possibly snagging James Blunt (or Robbie Williams?) as her new boyfriend, Lohan found time to let her Dad know not to come over . Or look at her. Or breathe the same air as her. I know this is odd, but I’m sorta in her corner. I don’t care how much Jesus you found in the big house, you’re still a fame-sucking whack-a-doo, dude.

LINDSAY Lohan finally talked to her estranged, felonious father, Michael Lohan, and told him, “You still haven’t changed. Don’t go near my mother ever again,” a source told Page Six. “It wasn’t the phone call Michael wanted.”

The former stockbroker was released March 13 from the upstate Collins Correctional Facility, where he spent about 20 months behind bars for drunk driving.

Michael had hoped to patch things up with his daughter. But after talking to her dad, “Lindsay called her mother [Dina] and told her to be careful and to take care of her brother and sister,” said our source. (Another sister is away at college.)

“Be careful”? Oh, oh. I smell a suspense thriller.


Keep reading for more details on exactly what Mike Lohan did and why Lindsay’s uncle is trading places with him when it comes to jail time.

Michael, who found religion while he was in jail, is still praying for a reconciliation, hoping that Lindsay sees the light when her uncle, Paul Sullivan – whom he blames for his problems – is sentenced on April 27 in Federal Court in Islip, having pleaded guilty to mail fraud.

“When one door closes, another door opens,” Michael Lohan told a friend this week. “This is divine retribution. [Sullivan] is the guy behind the whole thing. He set me up, spread lies and rumors about me, and convinced Lindsay to ‘distance’ herself from me. Paul even pressed false charges against me to have me arrested. He called me a con man, but he’s a con man.”

Sullivan, one of Dina Lohan’s brothers, was arrested for fraud in June 2005 after obtaining a $646,000 loan from the Small Business Administration by claiming his Ropa Group Corp. had lost substantial business after 9/11.

In October, Sullivan was also charged with obstruction of justice after he was recorded telling a South American company to lie for him about a $78,000 kickback. “Look, we’re twisting the story a little, but we can only twist it, right? What can we do?” Sullivan was quoted in court documents.

Good question, Sully. In 2004, Michael Lohan was arrested and charged with assaulting Lohan in the driveway of the Lohan home. Dina was probably too busy practicing her dance moves in the mirror to bust out at Stereo or Hyde to go out and break that shit up. This makes me feel so much better about my family. Sure, we’re alcoholic depressives who have had our run-ins with the law. But we’ve always gotten off with fines and community service. No jail time here! We’re not destructive or dangerous or anything. We’re just Irish.

By J. Harvey

  1. nanners

    I can’t believe that one of Dina Lohan’s kids is in college.

  2. isaidit

    The whole family are a bunch of tools, the ones we know of at least, and dad wants back on the gravy train. The article in Harper’s with the mother, was SICKENING. She is repulsive.

  3. They were stockbrokers that is at least 300,000 a pop not money hungry attention whores

    her brothr is in college

  4. nick

    We thought the dad was the crazy one. Now we see that Lindsey and her non-committal mother are really the crazy ones. I don’t care how famous I was or how much money I had, my mother would have gotten a hold of me a long time ago.

    Her mother is condoning Lindsey’s behavior.

  5. Anonymous

    MiLo should have pulverized Lindsay to the point of no return. Then he would have a legitamite reason to be in jail. And…. we all wouldn’t be subjected to the daily Blohan crap, as it were. Sheesh. Where’s little Cody with the dynamite strapped to his torso, already? Blo the whole family up. This Lohan news is sickening, to say the least.

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