Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best Make Out in the Bahamas

May 13th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Is it true love or a publicity stunt? Both Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best have been known to get around, and they both love publicity, so why hook up in such a public display? Gee I wonder?

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More of Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best kissing (one shot with Calum’s eyes looking at the camera) in the Bahamas after the jump.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Charlotte

    That appears to be nipple in the first shot there. She’s such a (publicity) whore.

  2. nora

    yeah thats definitely a nipple!!

  3. This is always better than that she Sexualizes a Small Boy like she did in the Late night show.

  4. private

    I’m happy for her. She looks like she’s having a good time – good for her. And I don’t care about his reputation – I think he’s cute …

  5. Pri vate

    Aaahhh, bitch! She’s had Jude Law and now Calum Best.. you have to admit, the girl rocks, (and she has good taste in men)! And post-rehab coke scandal or not, she looks really healthy and happy right now, so why can’t they just let her enjoy her little vacation/publicity stunt for a while??

  6. Annette

    She is trying to give people something else to talk about besides her bathroom stall cocaine drama.

    It won’t work LL…

  7. lx

    funny how they ‘come out’ in public after people thinking shes a leso

  8. ptm

    Callum Best is from Malibu CA not UK. His mom is Ex-Trainer for Cher. Her name is Angela Best.

  9. Anonymous

    If you hate her so much why do you waste your time reading about her? :-p

  10. kim

    her nipple came out, big deal. it’s not like she was flashing her boobs on purpose.

  11. John324

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