Lindsay Lohan Accepts Her New Jail Sentence Humbly

Oh, another Lindsay Lohan jail sentence, another mugshot. If you hadn’t heard by now, a judge ordered the actress back to jail this morning after she failed at least one random drug test.

She served nearly two weeks in July and was booked at the LA County Century Regional Detention Center where a spokesperson told that she was “very cooperative, very demure and quiet. She’s doing everything that is asked of her.”

Well, I’m glad she’s doing it in jail because she wasn’t capable of doing what was asked of her outside of jail. She’ll be held away from other inmates once again in a 12×9 cell until her next probation violation hearing, set for Oct. 22. So she’s going to be in jail at least a month this time!

The spokesperson also said that it’s highly unlikely she’ll be released early unless the judge issues an order for her release.

Show of hands, who is surprised?