Lindsay Lohan And Kate Moss, BFF

April 12th, 2006 // 16 Comments

I have a feeling that Lindsay Lohan is jonesing for a fashion contract, since she lost the Louis Vuitton contract to the cellphone throwing Naomi Campbell. I’m sure that’s why Lindsay is friends with Kate Moss. It has nothing to do with Kate’s ability to score Class A drugs blindfolded.

More images of best friends forever, Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan, after the jump.

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I tink they are hanging out because Katie is trying to be like a big sister to Linds. She is worried about her. She doesnt want her doing drugs and all that. She she is protecting her and showing her there are other ways to party than sniffing a line of crack.

  2. Damn…. with all that money Lindsay couldn’t get a manicure??? Did you guys check out those chipped nails?! gross.

  3. LP

    Tia, I am sensing a disturbing lack of sarcasm in your post. (I’m also sensing you are maybe 14, but I could be wrong).
    Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan hang out because they have a lot in common: doing lines of coke, doing bumps of coke, rolling up various receipts and bills, and, of course doing more coke.

  4. BDUB

    You know I really thought that Kate Moss was attractive but now after seeing these close ups shes gets a downgrade. How did she become so famous?

  5. oh no

    aw tia, i hope your joking.
    if not don’t ever leave your house, being that nieve in this day in age is dangerous.

    this is ridiculous, someone needs to lock up lindsay and her stupid joke of a mother. her mother has 2 other kids that she totally neglects and is setting a bad example for.

  6. katie

    I can understand why from Lindsey’s viewpoint hanging out with Kate Moss probably seems very glamorous, but the fact that Kate wants to hang out with her is rather pathetic and sad.

  7. doofus

    exactly, katie…I wonder why a 30+ model is hanging out with at 19 year old (19?! what’s with the wrinkly neck?!) “starlet”. I remember being just out of college (22) and finding 19 year olds to be unbelievable annoying and immature.

    and if any of you (tia!) think that Kate isn’t still doing coke, I have a bridge to sell you. I keep reading stories about how Kate Moss was “partying for 24 hours straight” with her friends, for her birthday, etc…

    NO ONE, no matter HOW young you are, parties for 24 hours straight without a little “pick-me-up” now and then.

    she did the rehab thing to save face and get some modeling contracts back, but she’s certainly NOT clean.

    and we know what a coke-whore Little Linds is, so THAT part of it does make sense.

    and to lawgirl, couldn’t agree more! even if you don’t have the time or money to get a manicure or do your nails (and Lindsay has BOTH…), you can at the VERY least remove the chipped nastiness that you have on at the time.

    but drug addicts don’t always take time to check their entire appearance. as long as the face looks OK, they don’t care. and once they’re further into the addiction, they don’t even care about that. (Pete Doherty?…)

  8. anona

    And to piggy back off of all the sane people here, all coke heads are friends with other coke heads, especially if it’s free!! La Lohan used to hang out with her anorexic buddy Nicole, but now that Nikki is on intervention watch she had to switch to hanging out with her coke buds.

    Oh no 1:16- you said it! Where the heck is Momma Linds when you need her? She’s probably on the ish as well!!

  9. gOssiP

    wait a minute???
    is lindsay finally back to her natural color???

    ok but besides that, kate moss is a huge loser who should take some time to play mommy to her daughter instead of big sister to a lost cause

  10. tia

    There was a post on here awhile back ago where Kates friend said kate wanted to help Linds. She didnt want Linds going through what she went through. It really did seem sincere and honest. LP … im 19 years old :)

  11. Silasdog

    All right! Doofus is back! Here’s the story, since Lohan is total everything-wannabee, she is overjoyed to hang out with Ms. Moss, who to Lohan, is a living legend. But Ms. Moss demands a price for her friendship – coke! It’s a sure thing that Lohan is picking up the tab so Kate can get fresh blow.

  12. jodroc

    You would be guaranteed a fun night out with them at least. And it would be even better if you got to get ready at some penthouse with them, borrow their clothes and hang out – drinking champagne, and sharing their stash.

    I agree that 19 and 32 year olds do not have that much to talk about but Kate would not be a normal 32 year old and Lindsay would be by far from a normal 19 year old.

    There must be some basis for this friendship…besides the obvious. Kate seems to have a core group of loyal friends.

  13. Jen

    Dude, they look pretty calm and happy in those pictures. I think they did a little something or other before they went out…

  14. Elizabeth

    two points ….celebrities ..most especially models are scared shitless of ageing … so ‘hanging out’ with the kiddies might add to their selfdellusion of being young. ….30 in model ( like dog years lol ) is at least 65.
    the next point is; maybe kate is incrediblely IMMATURE so lindsay ‘IS’ her age group!!!

  15. doofus

    kisses, Silasdog! had to go out of town for a week, and I had NO internet! OY!

    tia, you’re only 19?! please don’t take this the wrong way, but that explains a LOT of your posts…

  16. ed

    Anyone for coke?

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