Lindsay Lohan An Ass At Kids Choice Awards

It’s tough being Lindsay Lohan. Especially when she makes an ass of herself twice in one week. First while trying to hit on George Clooney, and then by exposing her ass to children, at the Kids Choice Awards.

There are not too many women who WOULDN’T make a play for George Clooney — especially single women. But Lindsay Lohan struck out when she made her play for the newly-crowned Oscar winner at a nightclub in New York the other night. After overtly flirting with Clooney, Lindsay finally realized she wasn’t getting anywhere — so left the club.

While Clooney was totally polite and engaged in animated conversation with the 20-year-old starlet, he did not pick up at all on her obvious advances.

Later, a source close to Clooney told me he admitted that “even if I was attracted to Lindsay — she’s WAY too young for me.” Plus the actor and director added he knew that if he had appeared to be interested in the Lohan — “the tabloids would have yet another field day with me!”

See, even Clooney has standards.

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More photos of Lindsay Lohan at the Kids Choice Awards, after the jump.

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(Images via Saving Face)