Lindsay Lohan An Ass At Kids Choice Awards

April 3rd, 2006 // 31 Comments

It’s tough being Lindsay Lohan. Especially when she makes an ass of herself twice in one week. First while trying to hit on George Clooney, and then by exposing her ass to children, at the Kids Choice Awards.

There are not too many women who WOULDN’T make a play for George Clooney — especially single women. But Lindsay Lohan struck out when she made her play for the newly-crowned Oscar winner at a nightclub in New York the other night. After overtly flirting with Clooney, Lindsay finally realized she wasn’t getting anywhere — so left the club.

While Clooney was totally polite and engaged in animated conversation with the 20-year-old starlet, he did not pick up at all on her obvious advances.

Later, a source close to Clooney told me he admitted that “even if I was attracted to Lindsay — she’s WAY too young for me.” Plus the actor and director added he knew that if he had appeared to be interested in the Lohan — “the tabloids would have yet another field day with me!”

See, even Clooney has standards.

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More photos of Lindsay Lohan at the Kids Choice Awards, after the jump.

George Clooney snubs Lindsay Lohan [Zwecker’s People]

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lilo is extremely young to look that old and tired. Also, how is it possible that she showed that much ass? The dress didn’t look that short …

  2. girl26

    She is Amasing !!!! AMASING !!! It`s just fascinating the way she makes her boobs appear and disappear. Boobs are back / boobs are gone / back again / gone again . She must be a magician.


  3. LALALand

    HAHAHA! The ASS of an ASS! hehe A bony ass at that! Honey, eat a sandwich, get some curves… I’m confused by the magically reappearing breast myself… now you see them….now you dont!? hmmmm?

  4. tia

    That picture is just too funny lol !!! Oh my goodness !! Thats so embarrasing haha .. and um girl26 I hope you know that amasing is spelled amazing. With a z :)

  5. d.c.

    hahahaha! Caught. This is soo funny.. not her little naughty secret anymore..

  6. Kelsey

    Goddamit…i can’t get over her ability to ruin her own career…her ability to ruin her own role model status, her boobs, her hair and her skin!!! wtf LiHo?? Get it together woman!

  7. Tes

    What I think is the funniest are the expressions of horror, shock and dismay on the faces of the kids in the audience! LOL I mean, who WOULD want to look at that?

  8. kissy

    i’m so gladd that george has some class and left that little girl alone…too bad we can’t say the same for bruce willis and christian slater.

  9. Anno

    Flipping channels the other day, stopped and watched a few minutes of Mean Girls for the umpteenth time and marveled at how pretty and healthy she looked. How the hell do you become this old and haggard in a couple of years? Get some sleep and eat some pasta my dear.

  10. alexxxa

    omg…her dress! i usually like the stuff she wears…but what she has on at the kid’s choice awards is ALL WRONG!
    wrong colour, wrong style…omg. she looks like a deranged ice skater!

    nice shoes tho.

  11. Small Fry

    What a great role model for our young children. Can’t wait until my 2 year old is old enough to tell me she wants to be just like Lindsey Lohan. Yippee!! Score one more for American pop culture!

  12. at the oscars… it would have been good.. at the Kids choice awards.. its just WRONG

  13. DocNemesis

    Tia, I hope you know that sentance fragments are just as bad as spelling errors. Furthermore, grammatical corrections of comments on a board such as this are pretty lame . In closing, I hope you also remember that “marketing major” is spelled “r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d.”


  14. What a sad, sad girl. I love it. She’s such an embarrassment. I love how she just love making an ass out herself. HAHAHAHAHA!!:6.

  15. las

    I’m sure she’ll find a way to blame it on the media.

  16. Sparkle

    Her ass looks flat and sort of flabby in that shot. And why on on earth is she picking up George Clooney? The man is old enough to be her father. I’m glad George had some sense, (if that story is true) to turn her down. Magazine and tabloids make her out to be a total slut and I try not to believe them. But it’s hard not to when her ex- boyfriend Wilmer, is talking on the radio about their sex life and eluding to possible anal sex with her. I think she must to be the girl he was talking about. She even said herself, that her relationship with him got “very serious” and that she was considering giving up acting for him. Wilmer was with her the longest out of all the actresses he dated. Most girls won’t do stuff like that ever or maybe only if they are in a serious relationship. It’s hard to believe how fast she’s grown up and what a slut she has become. She’s only 19. And to think that not too long ago she was just that cute little freckled kid in Parent Trap.

  17. RDOT

    Damn, I’m still reeling in disappointment about the shrinking breasts. Ahhh.. what I wouldn’t give to have Lohan back as a volouptous redhead with a hot curvy bod. Those were the days…

  18. jess

    Wait, since when do only “sluts” have anal sex? I know a ton of people who do (girls, not guys, meaning they’re telling the truth)– and no, they’re not sluts. Yeah, 18 or 19 is pretty young, but I would hold off on the generalizations, Sparkle. (what are you, like 55?)

  19. Smyth

    you’re all super dumb. i would bone that ass in a second. it’s way hotter than any of yours. don’t be so jealous. plus, get a life. this is my first time perusing a “message board,” and it’s really weak because all of you are really weak. i’m guessing 85% of you are clinically obese.

  20. what's this?

    Wow, Smyth. Such big words for such a little person. This is also my first time on a message board, and I want to know; is it really necessary to slam someone for what they write on a message board? Not nice. If you don’t like what you read, go somewhere else. And are you assuming (ass) that everyone is overweight because they’re on a computer, or because they didn’t like the look of her ass? I didn’t like the look of her ass either, and I’m not obese. I run 5 days a week. Please go somewhere else with your bad attitude; I don’t think you’re wanted here.

  21. Elsa

    Hey Smyth I hear her standards aren’t that high so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. And by the way, most of us have no desire to be a speckled, no-talent crack whore.

  22. Weazerdogg

    Looks like a nice ass to me. I also have to wonder about people who would put that down. Any of you looked hard at YOUR ass in the mirror lately?

  23. SCR

    Good Ass, Bad Ass, Flabby Ass, Tight Ass….. the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS is NO place to be showing it off! I wouldn’t even consider not wearing underwear to something like that for fear of that exact thing happening.
    I love fashion & clothes & make up & HECK!, drugs for that matter, just as much as Miss Lohan. But you’ve got to use a little judgement here and there, especially when a short, flowy dress is involved.

  24. DoctorRulah

    mmmm ass :)

  25. Pussinboots

    People insulting Lindsay’s ass are obviously ALL jealous girls, probably fat. That ass is sweet and the kids at the awards should be damn glad to see it.

    Can I get an amen?

  26. Gean

    I agree. Her ass looks very flabby. Looks like the type of degenerated muscle/loose skin combo most druggies have problems with. BTW I’m a girl. I’m a personal trainer, too. From a trainer’s percepective: her ass needs to use the gym. from a girl’s perspective: who gives a shit about Lohan, just worry about *you* look ;) If ur a fat-nasty, go on a diet and stop pissin and moaning about teen pop-culture idols. If you’re goodlookin, wtf are u doing on a gossip blog – get back to work!

  27. I think her ass is flat and i think that mike tyson has a better ass than her and every one in the world has one better than her even my mom and little sister and even my dog.

  28. How Can Yau Guys Talk About Her Like that You dont see her Saying anything About You All

  29. California Girl

    To the morons who are saying that we’re all obese and jealous, how would you know what we are, if you don’t know who the hell any of us are. Is it hard to believe that a celebrity could not be perfect in such a way? No one is perfect. Not even celebrities. They look like sh*t without makeup and they don’t have the best of bodies and this picture proves it. Her ass looks like an ass of an old lady. There’s fat in all the wrong places of her ass. How in the hell did that dress expose her ass. It doesn’t even look THAT short. This is typical and ok behavior for the Oscars because those idiotic celebrities are always making fools of themselves, but when going to a place that is for young children, you should have more class. Like, wear jeans and t-shirt so ouryoung ones don’t have to see your ass or breast.


  30. little man ham

    well she may not say anything about us…but if a had a flabby ass and i was jumping around showing it to kids…she would talk…so get your damn story strait…or you can just dump your “friends” and go hang w/ her…bitch

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