Lindsay Lohan And Her Family Revel In Their Swag

Ugh, here’s some snaps of Lindsay Lohan and Co. with some bags they were either paid to carry for photos or got for free because the designers knew they’d be shot with them. There’s always an angle with these tricks. Then again, maybe Linds got handsy at the club again and made off with some other broads’ bags which she then gifted her family with. No, you say, who would be dumb enough to be photographed with stolen merchandise. Gee, I don’t know…

The only one I have any respect for is Cody Lohan, because little man just wanted to carry his jacket and didn’t let his hag mother gay him up with a murse or some shit. Stick to your principles, Cody!

And the run-down? Lindsay is sporting the Dolce & Gabbana python skin bag, of which only ten were made. Hag-in-waiting Ali (seriously, check the photo) is handling the $1850 Jimmy Choo Ramon Biker bag, and that horrible mother of theirs has the Gucci horsebit bag. And no, I didn’t recognize these bags on sight. I know some purse queens who can do that. I’m still running around with a laptop bag from my previous place of employment. 1-900-PAR-TGRL.

News from the Lindsay front. Her girlfriend Samantha Ronson is denying that Lindsay is her betrothed. If you’ll recall, several pictures popped up recently of Lindsay and Sam canoodling on the deck of Diddy’s yacht in Cannes recently. Those were the most staged looking pictures in the history of publicity-whoring. Even Spencer and Heidi were like “wow, they could have made it a little more natural.” For real, Samantha looked like she was the most taken advantage of lesbian on earth. Anyway, Ronson was recently asked if the ring Lohan was sporting at the Dolce & Gabbana party the night after the photos was an engagement ring.

“Not true,” Ronson reportedly answered, She followed it up with “I’m a f*cking DJ. How much do you think we get paid? Like I could afford that ring! I’m lucky if I get an extra bump of coke from the cheap-ass promoter after I’m done spinning!”

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline

8 more photos of Lindsay Lohan and family in New York City are after the jump.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline