Lindsay Lohan Is A Thief

May 6th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Lindsay Lohan will steal your shit. And because she’s a celeb, she’ll pass it off as “borrowing” and remain above the law. This seals the deal for me. Occasionally, I can find myself admiring Lindsay. She’s done a couple of videos in which she seemed like she might actually be ok. And who wouldn’t want her ability to keep partying and giving copious amounts of blowjobs after being pumped full of that much drugs and booze? But then I read something like this and I think she’s obviously a complete asshole when it comes to life.

Masha Markova, 22, is some rich bitch co-ed who wore her $11,000 blond mink coat to 1 OAK in NYC for Stavros Nachios’ birthday party on Jan 26. She took her coat off and sat down next to Lohan. Guess whose coat suddenly up and left? Granted the coat looks like something Robert Redford would have worn to the Sundance Film Festival back in the 70s along with a cowboy hat, but still.

Masha (hot rich girl name) was only at the party for an hour, and flipped her shit when her coat was suddenly gone. Flash forward to Feb 11 when Masha was reading OK! magazine and noticed a picture of Lohan on Jan 26. Wearing her coat! if you’re going to steal shit, make sure there aren’t cameras around at least, you dummy!

Masha (seriously, that name is rad) put on her Nancy Drew cardigan and did some sleuthing. She found more pics of Lohan wearing her coat AND a picture of Lohan entering the club that night wearing an entirely different coat!

Masha called the club. They did nothing. She then got her lawyer involved, and had him contact Lohan’s lawyer. Suddenly, 1 OAK called her ass back and told her to hold on for a package. It was her coat. Reeking of cigs and booze, and with a tear in the lining. Masha and her mouthpiece want 10K for damages.

The club denies knowing where they got the coat from. I have a guess or two.

“I am not the coat keeper. I’m not sure where the coat was,” said 1 OAK spokeswoman Lisette Sand-Freedman.

Lindsay Lohan is a damn thief. This is not the first time she’s been accused of being a klepto bitch. What happens when she doesn’t like someone and kills them? There’s no gives-backsies on that one!


By J. Harvey

  1. essie

    “Masha” is what girls named Maria are called in Russia. It’s their “baby name.”

    This is a great story. Lindsay probably thought Masha was too rich to care about a dumb fur coat!! Poor, stupid, Lindsay.

  2. stevie n.

    Good writing! You called it as you see it. We all do wrong things sometimes, but,flaunting it is another thing. This chick is a common thief.

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