Lindsay Lohan Looking Gorgeous At The Nail Salon

I hope she’s getting those cut short. Samantha Ronson does not need to be hacked and slashed up in her triangular mystery. If Lindsay Lohan is going to be finger-blasting her chick, she needs to know the rules. Only a skilled and experienced lesbian is going to be approaching the chocha with some French manicure shit going on.

When I saw the Gossip play last summer, out dyke Beth Ditto told us not to be fooled by her long fingernails. She explained that she was definitely sunning herself on the beach on Lesbos. And I wanted her to continue to explain how that works. I’m curious! I know where people are coming from.

Men should keep their nails short, especially gays, because I do not want anything approaching my junk that has sharp edges. I can barely bring clippers down there to manscape without breaking out in a cold sweat.

For an awesome rendition of one woman’s trip to a nail salon, click here.


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