Michael Lohan On The Outs With Lindsay Again

Lindsay Lohan’s lips are pursed and I’m wondering if it’s because she’s pondering her rocky relationship with her father at the moment, or if they just sort of do that involuntarily from all of the various injections they’ve received.

Here she is with her buddies, including gal pal Samantha Ronson, at Joan’s on Third and I’d be willing to bet those bike cops in their short shorts are keeping their eyes peeled for Lindsay’s dad, who seems hell bent on crowbarring his way back into her life.

He was doing a good job for a little while there during their brief reconciliation, but it sounds like he’s pissed off his famous daughter once again. According to a friend of hers that dished to Page Six, “He’s gone crazy again.” Part of the problem is his insistence that his children visit his parents, who the friend revealed “have never been kind to [Lindsay].”

It probably isn’t helping that he’s also publicly dissing her management. Michael was hoping to have Lindsay commit to taking part in some missionary work in India, but was informed by her team that she had no such plans to do so.

“I think we can all see that her present so-called friends and management have her focused on the wrong projects and things,” he told the New York Daily News. OK, so he may have inadvertently stumbled upon a sensible thought, but something tells me that he’s got to work on his delivery. If he were my dad, I’d refuse to sit down and chat without a tranquilizer gun in my hands.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN