Lindsay Lohan Really Really Wants to Get Naked For You

Lindsay Lohan is making headlines about her naked self again. Lindsay (seen here getting her hair done AGAIN) is starring in the movie ‘Florence’ as a nymphomaniac waitress.

(I know. She’s really pushing her acting skills there.)

Producers only wanted a topless sex scene for the part, but Lindsay has volunteered to go full frontal for the film — asking the same measly $75,000.

An insider has said, ‘Lindsay doesn’t care she’s getting paid peanuts. She wants to remind people she can act and that she is worth hiring.’

But that’s not all. A friend to the starlet said, ‘She is fully aware of the potential of her body. Lindsay wants to build up an image as a mature, responsible actress.’

Lindsay has the mature look down, thanks to all of her late-night partying. She definitely looks a lot older than her 21 years.

But baring all to gain clout as an actress? A big thanks goes out to the producers her shot her nudity dreams down.

Someone needs to share with her the sad tale of Elizabeth Berkley…

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN