Lindsay Lohan To Write ‘Helter Skelter’ On The Walls In Blood

Lindsay Lohan has signed on to play Manson Family member Nancy Pittman in Manson Girls. This is hot. The Charlie Manson case is chilling, yet fascinating. And I can totally see Lohan following a psychotic guru and trying to massacre Los Angeles. Just give her some ‘shrooms and a steady supply of penis and she’s a go. Seriously, she was built for the 60s!

Nancy Pittman aka Brenda McCann was one of Manson’s most hardcore followers. She wasn’t actually in on the Sharon Tate murders, but she was with Manson on the night that he ordered them. She later left the Manson Family and joined the Aryan Brotherhood. Nice lady.

“Yes, I am doing it with Lindsay,” producer Brad Wyman says.

Seriously, this is the role Lohan was born to play. This means she’s going to shave her head! Like Britney did, except substitute the umbrella with a big knife!

And where’s that guy’s hand going? Papsmears for everyone!

Photos: WENN