Lindsay Lohan Too High/Drunk/Dumb To Realize That It Wasn’t Her In That Sex Tape

March 25th, 2008 // 4 Comments

You’ve had enough when you forget which sex tapes or dirty pictures you’ve taken. There were photos depicting a Lindsay Lohan-esque young lady giving oral pleasure to a dude floating around on the Interwebs last week. They were proven to be false. No one told Lohan. She thought it was her! HAH! She should keep track because blackouts can be rough. She should make a chart or keep a journal or something about who’s she scoring with on film.

Lohan allegedly called British model Calum Best’s father’s place in the UK to bitch. Calum was the cheeseball she was dating during the dark days of 2007 when she was out of control and participating in cocaine car chases. He’s also the guy that was thought to be in these pictures with Lindsay. It wasn’t them.

” I can’t believe you would ever f*cking do this to me, I should have listened to everyone! I should never have f*cking trusted you!” someone overheard her screaming into the phone on someone’s voicemail.

Lohan’s bellowing went on for so long that she actually had to hang up and call back to complete it, according to sources. I think it’s funny that none of her friends told her that it wasn’t her. She’s going to feel like a real ass when she gets the info. Then again, it sounds like there are some hot pics out there. ASL readers, please feel free to send them. You will have my undying gratitude. I’ll mow your lawn or make out with you or something.

8 more photos of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Frida

    Someone overheard something on someones voicemail…wow, what a source…

  2. I bet none of her friends even bothered to look directly at the pictures. I mean, who wants to see that, and why would they think it wasn’t her?

  3. not wanna say

    I learned yesterday that I got HPV and here I thought I never had sex. Don’t drink till you black out people, consequences are not worth it :-((((

    And get your daughters vaccinated for HPV.

    I’m waiting for biopsy results, hope they’ll come back good…

  4. Jo

    His father is Dead..why would she call his dead fathers place???

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