Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape With Calum Best?

UPDATE: We’re sad to report that Lindsay Lohan is not the woman featured in the grainy picture here. Apparently, this is a screen-shot from a video that was added to a porn site two months ago, and more video clips reveal that the woman is definitely not Lindsay Lohan. We’re very disappointed to say even though we know who Lindsay did last summer, this isn’t footage that documented it.

It feels like it’s sex-tape season, what with Kristin Davis’ racy photos circulating on the Internet (she claims it’s not her) and now there’s a rumor that there’s a possibly Lindsay Lohan sex-tape floating around. The Sun is reporting that La Lohan was filmed “performing a sex act on” Calum Best. Ha! And who says anal is the new oral?

The tabloid’s source revealed that Calum shared the video with some friends, but that it has since leaked online and according to a website, Lohan is “freaking out because she can’t remember it being filmed.” The two dated last year right before Lindsay’s stint in rehab.

However, Lindsay’s no stranger to having her dirty laundry aired by an ex. Former flame, Riley Giles, dished all kinds of intimate details to a tabloid after their break-up and sold pictures of Lindsay, taken while the two of them were together. But this is her first venture into the world of celebrity porno! Congratulations, Linds! It can’t be any worse than Georgia Rule.

Photos: WENN

The very blurry NSFW still is here.