Lindsay Lohan’s Promise Ring To Herself

I kind of love how Lindsay Lohan’s look of the moment seems to be late-60s Bob Dylan in black leggings. That’s right–the leggings are back in effect and I have to say–when they’re not there, I find myself pining for them.

The starlet was spotted in New York City shopping (it’s her favorite!) and then grabbing a bite to eat with her bosom buddy, Samantha Ronson. Because the starlet is usually pretty cooperative with the packs of paparazzi that follow her on the daily, it’s hard to tell if she’s lifting up her hand in a solemn greeting, or if she’d like them to get out of her face.

Either way, I noticed that while holding up her hand, she’s sporting a ring like Paris Hilton’s, only hers has the initials “LL” on it. Are these rings the new black leggings?


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