Lindsay Lohan Considers An Offer From Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner has reached that point where he should be in an Alzheimer’s ward on lock-down. He needs to have an identifying bracelet on his ankle and fighting over whose teddy bear this is. Why? Because he reportedly was so impressed with Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe nightmare nude photo-shoot in “New York” magazine that he wants her to re-create ANOTHER Norma Jean moment for “Playboy.” Spare my eyes. Spare the world’s eyes.

Hugh reportedly wants Lindsay to pose as Marilyn during her nude swimming scene in “Something’s Got To Give.” You know ho is all over this. She LURVES the idea. Dina Lohan probably wants to see the check, first. Here are pics of Lohan at California Pizza Kitchen. California Pizza Kitchen? I guess L.A. isn’t known for it’s dining. Ugh. You would think with all this creative types and rich people that someone would open a quality restaurant so celebs don’t have to frequent the chains. I saw Jessica Alba at Chili’s yesterday.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Lindsay Lohan looking extremely happy while doing some shopping after the jump.

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Photos: WENN