Lindsay Lohan To Star In “Moving Violations” Sequel

February 28th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Ok, I’m just playing but does anyone remember that hot flick “Moving Violations”? It was totally 80s, and kind of a “Police Academy” rip-off where all these freaks went to traffic school and battled against corrupt cops and hilarity ensued. There was Bill Murray’s brother who was Bill Murray-lite. And Jennifer Tilly as a ditzy rocket scientist. And there was a puppeteer and a punk klepto and an old woman, and the chick from “Bosom Buddies” played a hypochondriac. And Sally Kellerman was a corrupt judge into S&M. It was the hottest and it was on cable all the time when I was a tyke. Lindsay Lohan should re-make it. Bitch should play the pouty actress slut sentenced to traffic school because of a drunken auto brawl with a tree. Oh wait, she’s living that part. Here’s some snaps of Lindsay Lohan leaving traffic school. Attending was one of the conditions of her DUI sentencing. Is that broad behind her playing the old blind lady who accidentally sits in the urinal in the men’s room? I take back my hate of remakes.

Photos: Splash

More photos of Lindsay Lohan leaving traffic school are after the jump.

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Photos: Splash

By J. Harvey

  1. Kayla

    Biggest whore in Hollywood! Her teeth are gross!
    Heard this NO TALENT whore was selling her body nowadays cause she can’t get work! What a slut! And her and her slut Mom are trying to turn the little sis into a slut too!!! These are low class people! MAKE HER GO AWAY!!!

  2. Kate

    I totally remember that movie. Jennifer Tilley in particular. And I too loved it as a kid.

  3. billly

    and her nose looks like a dick.

  4. billly

    and her legs look like sausages.

  5. Anna

    I remember that movie. It is a classic, I think. Why do they want to remake it again? It sounds disgusting! About Lindsay, I saw a report saying she – naked for New York Magazine:
    The photos I saw are terrible. It is more like a parody than a tribute to the icon. Anyone see her movie ‘I Know Who Killed Me’: , I think this is a good film. But now it seems that she’s starting to look really old. Her new role? I think I will wait to see.

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