Lindsay Lohan’s Dealer Dishes Dirt

Lindsay’s looking very somber in these pics–very Little Red Riding Hood meets Death. Truth be told, the young starlet is just lucky to be alive, after cleaning up her act in rehab–but not without a few slips here and there. On New Year’s, she was handed a bottle of champagne, as you may or may not remember, which she quickly handed off to someone else and then promptly called her sponsor. And now, her former cocaine dealer is spilling the beans that she was hitting him up in New York city, while she was visiting her family for the holidays along with ex-boyfriend, Riley Giles.

The man, who claims to be the “drug dealer to the stars,” is looking to get a book deal, so he can out his former celebrity clients and make some big bucks doing so. That is just so exploitative, preying on these people’s weaknesses and essentially using the notoriety of celebrities to make one’s living–oh wait. Nevermind.

Photos: Splash