Lindsay Lohan Discreetly Simulates Sex in Public

January 2nd, 2008 // 15 Comments

How do you subtly let a guy know that you’re interested? Well, according to Lindsay Lohan, dry-humping him in public is a good way to let him know that you think he’s swell. Remember how Lindsay recently made out with three guys within 24 hours? Well, the third guy, Dario Faiella, is the lucky (depending on your point of view) one who got to take Lindsay home. And if she was actually holding back in public, God only knows what the woman had planned for activities done behind closed doors. These pictures say it all, really. The man seems to be preparing to unzip his pants while she mounts him on a couch in the middle of a party. Seriously, why pay for the cow when the damn thing is practically skinning itself for you?

9 more photos of Lindsay Lohan enjoying her New Year’s Eve in Capri are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. D. LauRen

    can someone say, horny whore

  2. #1 hater

    That is one classy lady….!!!!

  3. zoso

    Gross…put the damn cig down.
    The taste of ashtray must really get her hot. Ick.

  4. tai

    you guys are haters! Go Lindsay! Party Like a Rockstar!

  5. Cat

    Call that Classy?? Yuck, she sinks! Also out do Jenna Jameson’s sex scenes…..She should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. PinkWeenie

    good jesus lord on a popsicle stick

  7. Daaamn! She’s worn out!! How old is this whorangutan now anyway? 52? 53?

    Habitual rehab’n, boy-juice dumpster!

    No Talent Nutter should have stopped making “movies” after parent trap!

  8. kellygrrrl

    damn, someone make sure this thing has been sterilized.

  9. Oh…and if anyone is delusional enuff to think she’s clean…i got swampland to sell ya!!!


  10. Sloane

    This is so over the top one can only guess she’s decided Brit picking up paps at gas stations is a good press strategy.

  11. tai said:
    you guys are haters! Go Lindsay! Party Like a Rockstar!


    Wha’Hoo! School must have let out early today!

    Party on Tai! Party on Garth!

  12. lisa

    The girl is young. Is she doing anything any of you haven’t done?? One thing I can comment on is her abnormally long arms.

  13. lisa said:
    The girl is young. Is she doing anything any of you haven’t done??


    Uh, Lisa, how often are photographed all coked up, sucking on three different men in a 24 hr period? Mmmmm whore much?

  14. kate

    ummmmm who is that twelve year holding a glass of something looking alcoholic???

  15. greenhorn

    E- cu me??? Why dis bish still relebant?

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