Lindsay Lohan’s Got Busy Lips

Lindsay Lohan’s new addiction appears to be Italian men. See these three guys? They each got to enjoy some lip-locking with the young starlet, within 24 hours of one another. On a trip to Capri, Lindsay met up with Bachelor#1, waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio, pictured far left. The two hit up a film festival and got cozy before Lindsay dropped him to meet up with Bachelor#2, older actor Eduardo Costa. The recently-rehabbed actress wore a silver mini-dress to the film festival again, but this time on the arm of Costa and the two got into some make-out action before their tryst had come to an end. And then there was Bachelor#3, Dario Faiella, who enjoyed a hook-up with Lindsay early Sunday morning. Dang woman! Now, I can understand this kind of kissing action, if you’re under the influence of various substances, but supposedly she’s clean and giving out the kisses like they were going out of style. This woman was busier than Jack Bauer on a season of “24.”

16 more photos of Lindsay Lohan being naughty with Alessandro Di Nunzio at the Capri Film Festival after the jump.

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