Lindsay Lohan’s Stellar Choice in Men Continues to Haunt Her

If you look think you detect a feeling of paranoia in Lindsay’s eyes, you might be right and the girl would be justified, seeing as how her ex, Riley Giles, is spending this holiday season selling off their relationship secrets to the highest bidder. Recently, he spilled about details of their sexual encounters to a tabloid and is now selling personal pictures taken during the course of their rehab/relationship. The two broke up around the Thanksgiving holiday and it looks like Riley’s already working hard to get back at Lindsay, while making some spare change in the process. It’s so nice to see the holidays bringing out the best in people. What’s this kid going to do next? Try to bang her mom? The sad part is that you totally know Dina would probably let him get to second base before she started feeling bad about it.

Photos: WENN

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