Shirley MacLaine On Lindsay Lohan

Oh, oh. You don’t want the old Tinseltown battleaxes on your ass, Linds. Those ladies have been through all the wars. Shirley hung out with the Rat Pack, and you know she has some tales. The ladies weren’t taken as seriously back then, so you know she had to bring it to show em’ she could keep up. I hope she didn’t sleep with Dean Martin. He seems like he might have been the kind to pass out during, if you know what I mean. Shirley MacLaine thinks Lindsay Lohan is a “fame addict”. Lohan had to eventually drop out of MacLaine’s flick “Poor Things” and production was held up initially because of Lohan’s rehab tour of duty. Shirley says that “She has her problems. I don’t know what’s going on, maybe lack of parenting skills and no boundaries. I think the addiction to fame is a disease. Some of these girls are addicted to having their picture in magazines.” You damn skippy, Shirl. You seen that heifer a couple of posts down with the pink wig? Exhibit A! Shirley also went on to tell a British TV station that she once mistook “thousands” of pounds of cocainya for artifical sweetener at a Hollywood party and spooned it into her tea. First of all, sugar much? Would you like some tea with your sugar glacier? That’s gotta be a mistype. MacLaine says she was prevented from drinking the tea but was “never asked back again”. Jesus, I wonder why? Cocaine must have cost bank back then! You’re lucky some pissed off hippie didn’t put a cap in your Hollywood ass!

Photos: WENN

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