God Strike Me Deaf – Lindsay Lohan Working On A New Album

November 28th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly cutting a new record, tentatively titled “Nobody’s Angel”. No shit. Sources say she’s only recording a third album because she’s got a contract with Universal Music Group. Can someone tell me who’s going to want that ratchety coke-soaked voice? And I ain’t talkin’ the cola. This Las Vegas grandma cocktail waitress-looking thing shouldn’t be peddling pop songs to our nation’s children! Conflicting reports say that Lohan always planned on cutting some hot tracks for a third album. Oh and newsflash – she doesn’t have any movies lined up after the tango one due to the fact that she’s a volatile nymphomaniac. Hey, I just call em’ as I sees em.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Well… she really is nobody’s angel!

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    Why are her teeth dark brown? She look like she’s 40 and hasn’t been to a dentist since 1990. She sort of passed thru the bloom of youth and beauty in a couple of heartbeats.

    With her croaky, froggie, raspy voice, I am sure millions will NOT be buying this. The A&R guy who signed her needs to lose his job.

  3. Jamie

    I’m normally a big fan of the J. Harvey articles but this one sounded kinda… bitter?

    I didn’t love that. Oh well.

  4. Lindsay is on third place in Useless Celebrities Index.
    Ever heard of the movies “Freaky Friday” or “Mean Girls?” Or pop albums “Speak” or “A Little More Personal (Raw)”? These are some works of sometime actress and (full-time) Hollywood party girl Lindsay Lohan, 21. She catapulted to fame, thanks to a predilection for partying with fellow celeb-nobodies Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Calum Best. After three car crashes in a year and admitting an alcohol addiction, Lohan checked herself into rehab. With a third album on the way and a threat to “tour like Madonna,” the Lohan epidemic won’t be going away soon. Sadly.

    C=10; B=3; G=8; P= 9; D=10; T=2; PQ=4

  5. bianca

    why the hatred? i mean is she done something bad to u guys personally that u hated her so much. We know she’s not a role model, but do u have to judge her? like she doesnt deserve to live in this world at all. U guys using harsh words..more like ur trying to bring her down when she’s already… SHAME ON YOU!

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