No Vegas Party for Lindsay Lohan this New Year’s

Lindsay Lohan is nixing yet another hosting gig for a splashy Vegas bash, backing out of a New Year’s Eve party. It’s probably for the best, considering the starlet’s new lease on life, which includes a focus on maintaining her sobriety. A source close to the actress reveals to Us Weekly the following:

“Lindsay doesn’t necessarily want to host but she’s contractually obligated.”

However, given the circumstances, Lindsay’s post-rehab days probably would be better spent avoiding wild and crazy Vegas shindigs altogether. And let’s take a look at these pics, shall we? Dang, girlfriend is starting to look an awful lot like Dina Lohan. Shouldn’t she be getting ready to have a kid she can farm out for cold, hard cash? Tis the Lohan Circle of Life, after all.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Lindsay Lohan having a little lunch are after the jump.

Photos: WENN