Lindsay Lohan Gets Spied On Trying to Be Anonymous

Gotta love those paparazzi lurking outside in the bushes–well, I have to, because they make my job possible–because otherwise, how would we get to know what our stars are up to 24/7? Hmm? How, I ask you? Lindsay Lohan’s attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and we’re totally acting as tools for the destruction of the anonymous part of the organization, but I feel remotely OK with this because you can’t really see anyone else all that clearly. I still feel a little dirty, but it is my job and perhaps I can make myself feel a little better about it by giving Lindsay a compliment and say that despite her suspiciously-plump lips, she looks good with a smidge more meat on her bones, which you can really see in these pics after the jump.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

Photos of Lindsay Lohan after a bout of shopping are after the jump.