Lindsay Lohan Ruins Celebrity Dating for British Drummer

October 24th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Lindsay’s seriously lurking these days, switching outfits, but holding on to those dark Jack Nicholson sunglasses to keep herself shielded from the daily onslaught of paparazzi. And, I know that I’m not supposed to say this, because they’re most likely fake, but jeez, she looks like she’s got quite the splendiferous rack in that picture of her in the red polo. However, I digress. What I really came here for was to write about how her romantic tryst with British drummer Harry Judd was apparently so unpleasant, that he’s sworn off ever dating anymore Hollywood starlets.

“I have definitely not had any more celebrity dating encounters, I’m afraid not – it’s put me off the whole thing.”

Well, perhaps he shouldn’t have started in the very eye of the hurricane. He could have dipped his toe in the waters with an Amber Tamblyn perhaps, or a Mandy Moore even. It’s like this guy thought, “Hey, maybe I’ll try drugs for the first time,” and instead of a sensible puff of weed, opted for a hearty hit of crack rock.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Lindsay Lohan doing the plaid and the red are after the jump.

Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Stephanie

    She def put some weight on, but in a good “i quit doing coke, so i’m not emaciated” way.

  2. WrapEmAroundThis

    Nice fuckable titties. But even that act would require a condom with this dirtbag.

  3. Zekers

    Did I miss the memo stating that ASL is now a blog for sharing your graphic sexual fantasies???

  4. StickDick

    You think titty fucking is graphic? Then don’t look under my bed.

  5. Zekers

    Yes, Mr. StickDick, I do find it graphic considering that this is a gossip blog.

    No worries, I guarantee that I won’t be anywhere near your bed.

    Don’t put your eye out with that thing…

  6. wow

    zekers, you are a loser

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