Lindsay Lohan Engagement Confusion

October 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Lindsay Lohan enjoys a nice drag just outside the dance studio, where she’s rehearsing for her role in the upcoming movie, “Dare to Love Me.” It’s nice to see the starlet working again–and I know that quitting serious addictions often means you have to trade down for ones that are less likely to kill you sooner rather than later–so I’m not judging her for the ciggies. But seriously, once Beverly D’Angelo goes on to a better place, Lindsay will be able to step right in and take right up where the gravel-throated blonde will leave off. And in real news, Lindsay is NOT engaged, despite the fact that her bodyguard answered “Yeah,” to a TMZ photographer asking about the rumor that she was sporting a ring from her current boy, Riley Giles. In fact, the ring is a gift from her father which makes me seriously nervous that there is a halfway house that is consequently NOT going to be getting the funding Michael promised them not long ago.


More photos of Lindsay Lohan taking a break from rehearsing for her new film ‘ Dare to Love Me ‘ at a dance studio in LA are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. peachpie

    lol! funny. if *i* were a famous person’s bodyguard, i’d be making up crazy shiz to tell tmz all the time. ha!

    yeah… she’s wearing his ring. and, don’t tell anybody, but next week, they’re getting married on the space shuttle! or… yeah, it’s a ring, but it’s made from his teeth — angie ain’t got nothing on my girl linds. or…. no, man, that’s not a ring. are you blind? that’s part of a goat’s intestine that’s calcified. didn’t you hear, tmz? it’s the next kaballah.

    yeah. that’s what i would say if i were her bodyguard.

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