Lindsay Likes ‘Em British

May 9th, 2007 // 5 Comments


And covered in cocaine, I’m assuming. But, I guess if a man is covered in cocaine, Lindsay’s probably not going to be too discriminating, in terms of the dude’s nationality. I guess what I’m getting at in a roundabout way is that she was spotted walking hand in hand with British “model” Calum Best again, whom she was presumably boinking last November during a stay in the UK. This time, the two were headed back to Lindsay’s New York hotel after a night’s clubbing at Club Box, and Bungalow 8 after attending the star-studded Costume Institute Gala. A source spilled to the News of the World:

“Lindsay loves Brits…she told me that she has slept with James Blunt, Jude Law, and Calum Best” among others.

I think that if we tried to find a rhyme or reason as to what Lindsay’s criteria for sleeping with a guy is, we’d end up exhausted and quite befuddled. In any case, here are some photos of our favorite bad-decision-maker in all of her blonde, sunglassed glory.

Photos of Lindsay Lohan on her way to her appearance on TRL are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. caroline

    “Lindsay loves Brits…she told me that she has slept with James Blunt, Jude Law, and Calum Best” among others.”

    Cool….she brags about being a whore. Being 16 mentally must be fantastic.

  2. Monster Mash

    Wow, she’s really trying to replace her daddy with some hot hunk sex, huh? I’m thinking these guys see her as an easy roll in the hay with no attachment while she is a hot mess who thinks she’s universally adored. It’s sort of sad.

  3. Sarah!

    Calum best is technically American, because his dad was a famous footballer from Belfast Northern Ireland he played for Manchester united, and his mum was a fitness trainer and after his mum and split he was raised from a young age in LA and he also speaks with an American accent!

  4. Malibu Girl

    Thank you Sarah! I went to elementry school with Calum Best, he is not British! He’s from Malibu. Juan Cabrillo Elementry, he had blue hair in 5th grade and his mom owned/owns a little pet shop called Sherman’s Place in Malibu. But even in high school, he was a fond friend of the nose candy but honestly he used to be a nice guy, maybe modeling messed him up cause hanging out with lindsey is sad, no matter how much good blow she can get.

  5. Dan

    Google: George Best. Jesus! this guy will be one to watch. He’s probably very heavy drinker but charming rogue.

    The George Best Drinking Experience. Also see the Oliver Reed Drinking Experience.

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