Lindsay Having Revolving Door Installed at Her Rehab

Lindsay popping in and out of rehab has some of her fellow residents miffed, according to TMZ. Apparently she’s been out and about on Monday, Wednesday and yesterday. And is planning on going back to shooting her stripper murder flick I Know Who Killed Me full-time next week.

When she does go back, other rehab residents have groused to TMZ that Lindsay has her peeps come to pamper her — a masseur, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc. They’re also upset that Lindsay has the magic key to the front door.

Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay’s high-powered publicist, told TMZ, “Lindsay is 100% not getting special treatment. She’s getting the same as everyone else. This isn’t the Betty Ford Clinic, it’s not a lockdown facility. There is personal time. All these naysayers who keep blogging and speaking out, like the ‘Today’ show, they don’t know what she’s going through, they’re not there. They shouldn’t speak until they’ve gone through something like that.”

Yeah, I get it, Lez. But when does the actual sit-down take place where they teach you how to live without drugs? Isn’t she going to miss that part if she’s out and about every hour? Did someone pass her ass the Clift Notes? What’s up?

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