Lindsay Goes To The Loo

July 14th, 2005 // 11 Comments

Lindsay Lohan “making a lot of bathroom trips” during her 19th birthday celebration at Il Sole in West Hollywood . . .

We just thought that you should know.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Prentiss

    She probably goes to the bathroom so she can talk to Nicole Richie on her cell. In private. Cause you know, that’s what girls who lost tons of weight in 6 months do in the bathroom.

  2. Jenna

    Man, she is seriously losing her hair.

  3. Just tired

    Lindsay Lohan makes so many trips to the bathroom becuase she is a coke head.I dont know why they just dont come out and say it in the tabloids! Maybe if someone says it in the papers she may be shamed into quitting

  4. LuLu

    Say “hello” to the high forehead.

  5. amanda

    Maybe she’s addicted to diuretics, like Britney Murphy’s character in Girl, Interrupted.

    She could be dying from a disease too, since she’s shrinking rapidly and her hair is falling out.

    Whatever it is, I miss the old Lindsey, she was so beautiful before.

  6. I theorized that her bathroom visits are either due to the saying “You can’t buy beer or liquor; you can only rent it.” or she’s obsessively purging.

  7. Brandon Thompson

    SHES DOING A SHIT TON OF COCAINE!!!!! Her and Nicole Ritchie. You can not party that much and stay that thin. Go to any large university campus in the fall and look at the freshmen girls. Then go back in the spring, and all those girls will be frantically trying to get back in shape for spring break. These girls are shoving 8 balls up there nose hourly!

  8. saw her on snl, might have been a rerun, and she scared me. she looked emaciated, her hair is so thin and has anyone noticed that she’s not talented? these girls need someone to tell them eat, stop the drugs and take acting lessons

  9. Peter

    Why would cocaine require you to go into the bathroom so many times? Doesn’t the high last for quite a while?

  10. mizzzjulie

    It doesn’t matter how long the high actually lasts because when you’re doing illicit drugs, you want to keep doing more and more and more to feel the rush you get when you first do them. So even if Lindsay is still technically high, she might not feel that rush anymore and hence the need for many, many bathroom trips.

  11. Steve

    No, Coke’s a pretty quick hit so you find doing more and more as the night progesses. Been there, done that. Fuck that shit…

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