Lindsay Gets Her Drunk-Ass Sued

Who’s that lurking in the shadow behind the window, Linds? Why, that’s none other than your sketchy past, come back to haunt you. It seems that a car crash that took place back in 2005, is rearing its ugly head, with the owner of the vehicle involved in the crash with the starlet, claiming that she was driving drunk during the incident. And now, he’s filed a lawsuit against both Lindsay and the Ivy, the establishment he says provided her with the alcohol in the first place.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Raymundo Ortega claims Lohan, who was 19 at the time, was dining at The Ivy … “where she consumed alcohol and became intoxicated” minutes before the wreck. The suit alleges that “The Ivy’s conduct of serving alcoholic beverages to Lohan was a factor in causing the injuries to Ortega.”

Additionally, Ortega says that the accident took place after Lindsay was “driving recklessly” at an excessive speed. He says her attempts to escape paparazzi resulted in her negligence during driving and Ortega is looking to get a $200,000 pay day from this whole situation.

NOTE TO SELF: hang outside of the Ivy more often. I need to get hit by this woman because it sounds like a more possible chance at getting rich, than I would have playing the lotto. I’d be willing to break a leg, or a neck even, if I knew I wouldn’t ever have to write another blog again as long as I lived. OMG, kidding! I totally love you guys. (But seriously, I would take the money and you would never, ever see me again.)