Lindsay Gets Her Crocodile Tears From Her Momma

It’s 90 fricking days, folks. Now, I wouldn’t want to spend 90 days in jail either but chances are Lindsay Lohan will be in a cell by herself, closely monitored and her jail experience would probably be far different (read that as “better”) than my own. Also, what’s worse? Her 90 days now or when she kills someone in a car accident and goes to prison for a year? I’d take the 90 days.

But in this clip we see Mommie Dearest Dina Lohan and her ridiculous crying. Someone zoom in on her fingernails and see if there’s any hidden messages there.

TMZ is reporting that Lindsay got some advice from Prison Break star Lane Garrison, who spent a year in prison after a deadly DUI crash (see it could be worse!). He offered the actress advice about life in the big house — answering all of Lindsay’s desperate last-minute questions.

Garrison pled guilty to DUI and vehicular manslaughter in 2007 after he drunkenly crashed his Land Rover into a tree in L.A., killing his 17-year-old passenger.

Lindsay seemed to be in good spirits yesterday. She was smiling while buying art supplies at Blick in West Hollywood. Good times.

Watch Dina Lohan spew her babble after the jump.