Lindsay and Jacko Suffer Through The World Music Awards

November 16th, 2006 // 1 Comment

At first glance, it sounds like Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson experienced what it’s like to be an unsuccessful amateur performer on stage at Showtime at The Apollo. But the boos were actually coming from the audience at the World Music Awards in the UK. From The Daily Mail:

It was the night from hell for Lindsay Lohan at the World Music Awards. She was visibly upset when the audience booed her every time she took to the stage, she fell down the stairs and was forced to abandon her role as main host of the ceremony. The 20-year-old actress pulled out halfway through after tumbling down a flight of stairs backstage. An onlooker at the awards in Earls Court revealed: “Lindsay was devastated, she came off stage and fell, and so she had to give up. It looked incredibly painful.”

And it doesn’t sound like Michael Jackson was having that great of a night either.

He spent the evening locked in his dressing room with four minders. When it was his turn to go on stage, a blacked-out SUV reversed into the dressing room and ferried him the 100 metres to the stage. Jacko had been expected to recreate Thriller in his first UK stage appearance for nine years, but R&B star Chris Brown performed it instead. Then a teenage choir appeared, miming to We Are The World. Jacko strolled out halfway through to sing just one line, but his voice cracked and faltered on the high notes. And that was it: exit to boos.

I like that it wasn’t his possible penchant for pederasty that evoked the grim audience reaction, but rather a lackluster performance.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. modu

    O.K. This is possibly the BEST Lohan story of the week…but is it TRUE? I can’t find anywhere else, other than here and that article that says ANYTHING about Lohan being booed, or falling, or quitting half way through.

    Did anyone actually SEE the awards?!?!? Cause if this is true, the world needs to know!

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