Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Gets Revoked, Gets Served With New Lawsuit

Talk about a tough time. It was not fun to be Lindsay Lohan today. Earlier today Lindsay had her probation revoked and a hearing set for November 2, which could mean Lindsay gets up to a year and half in jail. Looks like that whole leaving the Downtown Women’s Shelter for the Red Cross was a bigger deal than we had imagined.

According to TMZ, Judge Stephanie Sautner said that Lindsay’s removal from the shelter was completely her fault for failing to appear to 9 sessions. While Lindsay’s lawyers tried to argue that Lindsay was a traveling actress, the judge dismissed it. She also dismissed the good report Lindsay got from the Probation Dept., noting they had to right to remove her from the DWS to the Red Cross. Wow, I hope Lindsay had a good time shopping yesterday, because her today sucks.

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And as if you thought her day was as bad as it could be, TMZ also reports that Lindsay got served with a lawsuit while in court. The lawsuit is from a Betty Ford Clinic staffer whom Lindsay reportedly attacked back in December of 2010. The staffer, Dawn Holland (who now goes by Dawn Bradley), filed the report back in July and had it officially served today.

Wow, I’m just exhausted reading about everything Lindsay had to deal with today. There goes the hope that her new modeling career would make her a new woman. What do you guys think of all Lindsay’s troubles? Tell us your feelings in the comments.