Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Cover Leaked, Her New Lips Visit Courthouse [PHOTOS]

Actress Lindsay Lohan and her new puffed up lips were seen arriving and leaving her probation meeting at the Santa Monica Courthouse in Santa Monica, CA yesterday (December 7). Lindsay was seen waving to a few police officers on her way out.

Recently, Lindsay’s Playboy cover was leaked on the internet.

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The 25-year-old actress is seen straddling a Playboy bunny shaped chair, which manages to cover her modesty, but reveals the curve of her breasts.

Wearing just a pair of black high heels, the Mean Girls star has her hair in big blonde curls falling around her shoulders, and is seen pouting into the camera with bright red lips, matching her seat and the curtains in the backdrop.ohan, who was reportedly paid 1 million dollars for the shoot, had planned to reveal her nude cover on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Dec 15.

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