Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Playboy’ Cover Doesn’t Entice Consumers

Lindsay & Kanye
The starlet hangs with the rapper at an event in LA
Oh, bother.  It looks like sales of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover aren’t going to be nearly as high as Lohan or magazine had hoped for.  Though the numbers are not in yet (the issue hit newsstands yesterday, December 16th), the initial reaction is “meh.” 

Fox News went to a bunch of newsstands and gas stations from New York to Philadelphia, and the result was bleak.  “No one has bought it,” each sales associate told Fox.

“I thought the shots were really boring and didn’t really live up to the promises Playboy had made,” editor Lex Alptraum told Fox. “If they’d actually gotten full frontal shots of Lindsay, or come up with a fresher, more interesting concept, there might have been more demand for the photos.”

Alptraum added that there was nothing enticing about the leaked photos of Lohan, which prompted Hugh Hefner to instruct Playboy to release the issue ahead of schedule.  “Because of the interest & the Internet leak, we’re releasing the Lindsay Lohan issue early,” Hefner tweeted.

Lohan was seen shopping at the Yves Saint Laurent boutique in Beverly Hills last night (December 16th), blissfully unaware that her Playboy cover was a bit of a bust coming out of the gate.