Lindsay Lohan’s Legal Drama Continues, She Fires Her Lawyer & Doesn’t Take Plea Deal

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Lindsay had quite a day in court today with all sorts of insanity happening left and right. And the best part of all of it? Lindsay didn’t even show up for the hearing!

According to TMZ, Lindsay fired her long time lawyer, Shawn Holley, shortly before Holley was set to meet with prosecutors and the judge to try and keep Lindsay out of jail following her June car crash and the subsequent lying to authorities. Yup, Lindsay decided to fire the lady who has kept her out of jail a bajillion times and struck up a sweet plea deal for her. What was the deal?

Lindsay could have spent 6 months in “lockdown rehab” and not go to jail. Sounds fabulous, right? Lindsay totally needs rehab, right? Well, clearly, she didn’t think so, because she didn’t take the deal. According to E! News, Lindsay is also currently being represented by Mark Heller–the guy she seems to have hired after firing Shawn Holley. But get this! Shawn Holley still showed up at court!

Holley pleaded in court today, on Lindsay’s behalf, that she was not guilty of violating her probation and that any issues in representation would be nailed down before Lindsay’s next court date. The troubled star’s new court date is set for February 27th, so make sure to stay tuned for developing Lindsay drama.

What do you guys think of all the insanity? Think that after years of getting Lindsay off the hook, Shawn should just let her go? Think Lindsay was crazy not to take the plea deal? Sound off in the comments!