Lindsay Lohan’s Abuse Accuser Gets A Federal Investigation And A Lawsuit For Christmas

Lindsay Lohan’s abuse accuser might have done better with a lump of coal this Christmas: the heath care worker is being slapped with a federal criminal investigation and maybe a civil lawsuit. Ho ho ho!

Dawn Holland was quickly fired from the Betty Ford Center after she sold information about Lohan to TMZ for at least $10,000. Now she’s facing major charges for violating patient confidentiality law, a federal crime. Holland crafted a story in which she claimed Lohan injured her after missing the rehab center’s curfew, then filed a police complaint. Lohan is currently under investigation.

” I agree that Holland is behind the 8-ball,” Santa Monica Criminal defense attorney Steve Cron told “Everyone knows that LL (Lindsay Lohan) was a patient at the Betty Ford Center, but it’s an entirely different story to give details about her treatment and possible violations of program rules.”

However, Holland admitted to Radar Online that TMZ agreed to pay her for info about Lilo (pictured at the court hearings in July that landed her in rehab) before the incident even occured!

“I didn’t have a problem with her (Holland) notifying the police to report a crime (i.e. battery), but to go to TV with TMZ, and to get paid for it, is a blatant violation of HIPPA, for which she could be prosecuted criminally and sued civilly,” Cron told

Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy. Hey, at least this gives Lindsay a few more points, right?