Lindsay Lohan’s A Very Sober Saturday

For a while now Lindsay Lohan has been more than an easy target for blog bashing, and was even the subject of further controversy  a few weeks ago when, for some strange reason, Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow weirdly guest starred on ‘Glee’ much to the chagrin of  mother of the year, Dina Lohan.  “Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right?”

Seems like La Loca Lohan is getting about as crazy as a Tuesday morning at my grandmas paraplegic dance off at the Happy Sunshine Retirement Home in Fontana.

Out on the hunt for a bargain, like a lot of post Thanksgiving shoppers, a very healthy looking Lohan shopped with a girlfriend for diamonds, and Prada. Ah yes, the life of recovery can be just as satisfying as that line of blow in the morning Linds. Keep rocking the recovery, you’re looking more than fabulous!