Lindsay Lohan Works Some Mega-Cleavage & Panty Shot For Terry Richardson [PHOTOS]

Lindsay's Many Faces
Is Lindsay Lohan pissed or pissed off?
Wow! Hello Lindsay Lohan!

These just released shots (via Tumblr) taken by Terry Richardson for LOVE magazine show Lindsay at her most voluptuous. We get to witness Lindsay applying lipstick, bending over a stove top, bending over a railing and them some.

We’re hoping that she was paid for her collaboration because it turns out that the starlet owes a little in back taxes. The Internal Revenue Service has filed a federal tax lien against LiLo after the actress failed to pay not only her 2009 taxes, but those on her 2010 earnings as well.

She owes a whopping $140,203.30. Lindsay’s rep, Steve Honig told E! News that “Lohan’s business manager is working out an acceptable arrangement with the IRS and hopes to have the matter solved shortly.”

So don’t be surprised if you see a few more sponsored tweets popping up on Lindsay’s Twitter account. The girl needs some fast cash!