Lindsay Lohan: What Arrest? Check Out The Liz & Dick Camp-a-licious Trailer [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Lindsay's Court Looks
A review of Lindsay Lohan's courthouse fashions.
Lindsay Lohan was spotted last night (September 20, 2012) leaving the Bowery Hotel with an unidentified child. The actress did not appear to have let her arrest troubles get the best of her.

She’s focusing on her work. Of which, a promo trailer for Lindsay’s upcoming TV movie Liz & Dick was just released. Lohan throws herself into the role of the legendary actress, alongside her co-star Grant Bowler who plays Richard Burton. Watch the trailer below.

A British voice is heard commenting: “They drink, they fight, they fornicate.” Thank you Lifetime!

As for her other video that has everybody talking, surveillance videotape (watch below) has been released regarding the allegations that Lindsay Lohan hit a pedestrian and then fled from the scene did little to shed light on the case. 

The New York Police Department released the tape Thursday. The security tape blurs out the identities of pedestrians on the street as Lohan drives by, so it is hard to make out what’s going on. One pedestrian is seen following Lohan’s car as it moves out of view, but it’s unclear who that person is.

Lohan herself retweeted a TMZ story Wednesday evening that the video suggests the victim exaggerated the incident and that detectives could not agree whether the car had even struck him.

The actress’ publicist dismissed the allegations. “While some of the facts are still being gathered, it appears that this is much ado about nothing,” Steve Honig said. “We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the coming weeks, and the claims being made against Lindsay will be proven untrue.”