Lindsay Lohan Was Invited To Kim Kardashian’s Wedding!?

Yes, Lindsay Lohan was indeed invited to the lavish Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries wedding extravaganza. In the early morning hours on Saturday, August 20th, the 25 year-old Mean Girls leading lady and her mom were seen arriving at a hotel in Santa Barbara, California for the nuptials.

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To figure out the forgotten Lohan, Kardashian connection, take a trip down memory lane to about six years ago. Back then, Miss Kardashian palled around with the infamous Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan duo. If you remember, Paris and Lindsay then split ways and their girlie feud played out in the tabloids with reports of boyfriend steeling and the whole nine yards.

Who know that Kimmie and Lindsay remained friends? Reportedly, Lindsay and Diana, Lindsay’s mom, scored invites to the fairy tale shin-dig because they have been friends with the Kardashian clan for years.

I suppose a wedding invitation wasn’t a huge surprise considering Miss Lohan was pictured at Kim’s bridal shower at Los Angeles in late July. Lohan was among the star studded guest list that included everyone from LaLa Vasques to Ellen DeGeneres.