Lindsay Lohan Tweets Her Frustration Over Amanda Bynes As Bynes’ Car Gets Impounded [PHOTOS]

Amanda Bynes needs some help.  She was pulled over for driving with a suspended license in Burbank Sunday morning, and her black BMW was then impounded.

Bynes was then issued a misdeamenor ticket for driving on a suspended license, according to TMZ, less than two weeks after being pulled over for the same citation (she only received a verbal warning and was let go).

Witnesses in her apartment complex and at Equinox West Hollywood have noticed Bynes’ erratic behavior, evidence that may indicate she’s losing her mind.

One fellow gym-goer told TMZ that Bynes came to Equinox “looking dazed and began speaking with herself-making comments and then answering back.” 

Another witness said that while on the elliptical, Bynes stopped and started “laughing hysterically for no reason.”

Bynes’ neighbors have also witnessed some bizarre interactions between the former Nickelodeon star and “inanimate objects.”

And then, there’s the peanut gallery.  Lindsay Lohan is piassed about authorities letting Bynes off easy, and let her feelings be know via Twitter.