Lindsay Lohan: The Comeback – Oprah, ‘Chelsea Lately’ And ‘The Canyons’

July 30th, 2013 // 2 Comments
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Lindsay Lohan The Canyons

Are you prepared for the return of Lindsay Lohan? She may not be quite ready herself.

TMZ is reporting that while Lindsay is free to leave rehab tomorrow (July 31, 2013), she’s decided that she wants to stay a few days longer. All signs are pointing to the fact that Lindsay is serious about staying sober and out of trouble this time around. I hope so, because this girl has dodged so many bullets that I actually wonder at times if she’s really a character from The Matrix.

So here is a rundown on her road to a comeback. 

1. This Friday (August 2, 2013), her new movie, the Paul Schrader-directed indie drama The Canyons opens (on iTunes and video on demand). Lindsay is actually getting some, okay a few, good reviews for the film, so bravo for that!

2. On August 5, Lindsay will fill in for for Chelsea Handler as a guest host on Chelsea Lately on E!

3. Lindsay has her OWN interview with Oprah Winfrey set to tape and air on Aug. 18, along with her docu-series with cameras focusing on her re-entry which will air in 2014.

4. She’s heading to Greece for some relaxation, and then she’ll be supporting at The Canyons at the Venice Film Festival.

That is some game plan. She’s also reportedly moving back to New York City, which hopefully won’t include shacking up with her mother Dina Lohan.

She reportedly had to compile a list of her friends and came up with a list of 100. Honey, they said a list of friends not acquaintances. Anyway, she has whittled that list down to 20 people. Here’s hoping this list includes family, because is she’s actually going to succeed at stay clean and on the up and up she needs to cut her toxic parents, Dina and Michael Lohan, out of her life.

Call me a glutton for punishment and letdown, but I am truly rooting for Lindsay Lohan to turn things around for herself this time. She’s used 8 of her nine lives up so this is pretty much it.

The fact that she’s staying at a lower-security, sober living house for three or four days to help her transition back to normal life, is a really good sign that she’s serious this time.

My only hope is that her toxic friends, to paraphrase Chris Crocker, “Leave Lindsay Alone” and bring someone else down.

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By Michael Prieve

  1. Best of luck Lindsay, you can pull it together girl. Oprah will toss you to Iyanla.

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