Lindsay Lohan Still Partying All Night

Lindsay Lohan may have said she was headed to NYC to spend time with the fam, but please, who believed that for a minute? Lindsay did what she does best once she hit the Big Apple. And we all know what that is. The troubled actress hit the town (with a waterbottle) at The Lion with “The City” star Samantha Swetra and Next Models booker Derek Saathoff. And boy was a night it was. PHOTOS:

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“There was no way she was going to stay home with her mom. She had dinner, and then, bringing along her water bottle, went clubbing to SL, where she hung out with Tyson Beckford and got in the booth with DJ Phresh. She seemed totally sober and upbeat. She asked if Sam Ronson had been there the night before,” a source said.

Lohan then took the party to 1Oak and made out with “some random guy.”

Another source adds, “Her family is furious. She’s supposed to be spending time with them and deciding if she’ll take a plea deal. It’s almost as if she thinks she may as well have one last final fling.” Great attitude, right?

Ratch this one up to the list: Lindsay spotted post-rendevous with Ronson yesterday. The two gals left at separate times.