Lindsay Lohan Spotted Out With Her Sober Companion, Who Costs $2,500 A Day

Lindsay Lohan, you are looking seriously good.

The actress was spotted out in New York City yesterday (September 10) alongside a mystery man. Well, he’s not quite a mystery anymore. According to reports he’s Lindsay’s sober companion.

And he costs $2,500 a day. But here’s the thing guys, nothing is too expensive for Lindsay’s well being. A sober companion is someone who is there for her and going to keep her on track to get everything in her life back in order. And as long as it works, more power to her. 

Maybe that’s why she felt like she could finally get behind the wheel of the car. Plus, do you remember what she looked like before she went to rehab this last time? It wasn’t good. At least now she’s healthy and even looks kind of happy. Bravo Lindsay.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Ms. Lohan and her sober companion. Any of you have experience with sober companions? Do they work? Let us know in the comments!