Lindsay Lohan Spotted Leaving Club With Tara Ferry, Singer Bryan Ferrys’s Son [PHOTOS]

March 16th, 2012 // 4 Comments

Has Lindsay Lohan found a new love?

Lindsay was seen leaving a bar in Hollywood last night (March 15) with son of legendary singer Bryan Ferry and Burberry model, Tara Ferry, when a pedestrian was hit by a motorcyclist badly injuring the pedestrian and breaking his leg on the street outside.

With a cigarette in hand, lighter attached to her waist on a cord and wearing high heels and leather pants, Lindsay looked like she was enjoying her night out on the town with her male companions, until the accident.

The actress was wise enough to have someone drive her to and from the bar. Possibly a good thing as it is being reported that LAPD are after her for questioning in relation to accusations that she was involved in a hit and run accident on Wednesday night. Which she completely denies doing.

Do you think Lindsay should be dating, or should she just focus on getting her life back on track.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. anonimous

    It is easy to judge other people’s lives, it seems that people have better things to do in life than to point the finger and interfering in others’ lives, is not it? Let her follow her life in peace!

  2. JD

    It’s easy judging people who believe their above it all. Especially those who are really just pretentious lowlifes.

  3. JD

    They’re not their.

  4. rebecca

    I think the Ferry kid should make a run for it!

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